Brahmin community says thanks to DMK President M. K. Stalin


DMK helps Brahmin’s in Tiruvallur Veeraragavar temple, a lot of systemic inequality has been exposed as the realities of the pandemic response set in. It’s easier for some people to deal with the crisis than others. So it was great to see the DMK party members steps up and deliver a financial assistance with rice bag as COVID-19 relief fund for 145 families in our temple on (yesterday) that had people’s wellbeing at its heart we all were really shocked that we were expecting the party members from ADMK and BJP to help us in this hard times because when our Late Chief Minister Selvi J. Jayalalitha, was there we use to get all the proffer to our community especially sad that either parties no come up with any offer or relief fund to us, but we were astound by the DMK party member Dr. VCR Kumaran DMK Doctor’s wing district secretary came forward to help us mentioned by one of the Veeraragavar temple priest who get the timely help from the M.K. Stalin leadership. The new coronavirus, COVID-19, has many of us glued to the news, concerned for loved ones, and adapting our lives to deal with the changes the pandemic is having on our homes, schools, and work-places. It’s pretty tough to people get daily vague in this time the community centers were closed for last few months, so with the guidance of our party president M.K. Stalin all our party members have been helping many daily wages workers and needy people remarked by Dr. VCR Kumaran and he adds up people that the common cause of finding a solution to COVID-19 has brought together individuals, institutions, communities, governments and society at large. That battle is the one the world is facing today, where we are all fighting the COVID-19 devil to protect our lives and ensure the well-being of the human race. Help the needy if you can on timely basis.

And the people were wondered that this support will be only for the Thiruvallur Brahmin or for entire Tamil Nadu, the DMK party were intervene?