Charlie Chaplin 2 Movie Review:


After years later, the director Sakthi Chidambaram and  Prabhu Deva had couples together once again in the same title of “Charlie Chaplin 2”, the film contains ludicrous comedies, whatsoever the first half not in any circumstances overlapping in the second half.

A background vox starting to introduce the eccentric that Thiru (Prabhu Deva), who runs a successful matrimonial  website, with a great manner that he completes 99 marriages, but his parents forces him to get married, but Thiru wasn’t  interested to get married, the reason is that he had a dream girl who was Sara (Nikki Galrani), she is a kind hearted girl, absolutely help for the downtrodden people.

By her tendency of a kind act Thiru was getting attracted and falls in love with Sara. With the blessing of parents the marriage was getting fixed in the place of Thirupathi unfortunately her kindness went to misunderstanding.

A wrongful video about Sara was visualized by Thiru and he was sending brutality video message towards Sara and in a next sequel that he realized Sara is an innocent.

Now the sequences are travelling upon that how Thiru target on Sara’s mobile phone to erase the video. In the contrasting, one more girl, in the same name, Saara (Adah), joins in the frame and between the couple of girls what Thiru does roguery activities is the full fledged comedy show was given to the audience. Overall, the songs are compromising the film.



Prabhu Deva – Thiru

Nikki Galrani – Sara

Prabhu Ganesan – B Ramakrishnan

Adah Sharma

Chandhana Raj

Samir Kochhar

Amit Bhargav


Aravind Akash


Directed by – Sakthi Chidambaram

Produced by – T. Siva

Written by – Sakthi Chidambaram

Music by – Amresh Ganesh

Cinematography – Soundararajan

Production Company – Amma Creations