Echcharikkai – Idhu Manidhargal Nadamaadum Idam Movie Review:




A warning is given to an individual attitude of the person’s life that will be changes according towards Karma is the basis of the film.


As the content, eager up the audience curiosity in the initial level, that a drunken father murder his wife for the money. By seeing this scenario, the lady’s younger brother David, who kills his brother-in-law and situation was noted by child Thomas and the young one bewildered his parents.


Now the teenage guy, who complete his nineteen years, David is requested to accept his mistake and asking Thomas to surrounded towards the cop. But the small boy refused his words and showing his hand towards David.


Years later, Thomas does criminal activities with the help of his friend. At a situation, the relationship of David and Thomas meets up each other. For their better life, both of them plans to kidnap and targets on a real estate daughter Swetha.


As per their schedule, the plan gets executed or their plan was dropping out by the investigation of ex police officer is the balance script.


In the first half, the content moves in a slow stratum and made a slight drowsiness. The climax gives a great ditch towards the viewers.


The film filled with thrilling and the IPS  role was extremely perfect for the actor Sathyaraj, Yogi Babu merriment as usual plus for the movie.




Sathyaraj – Nataraj IPS

Varalaxmi – Swetha

Kishore – David

Vivek Rajgopal – Thomas

Yogi Babu – Frank De Souza



Director – Sarjun KM

Produced by – Sundar Annamalai

Written – Sarjun KM

Music – Sundaramurthy KS

Cinematography – Sudarshan Srinivasan