Embiran Movie Review:


An old man after his death, who take steps for his grandchild. Mouli, who works in a temple and take care of his grandchild Jeya Radhika Preethi. Mouli was the priesthood in a temple that his granddaughter keeps one side love affair with a doctor Priyan.


In this scenario, Priyan doesn’t know about Jeya, at any cost Jeya doesn’t expose her love toward Priyan. Jeya takes foolish steps to get introduced to him.


At a point, Jeya exposes her love towards his grandfather and both travels towards Priyan’s hospital. Unfortunately, both of them met with an accident. The old man loses his soul and Jeya whole body struck up and the brain was in an active condition.


Now, the old man who takes steps to support his granddaughter love and did the soul get success in his steps is the balance script.

The young girl looks beautiful in the each frame, Mouli shows his matured performance and takes responsibilities to fulfil his grandchild’s wish.

Overall a different concept has been taken by the director.


Rejith Menon

Radhika Preethi

T. S. B. K. Moulee

Kalyani Natrajan



Directed by – Krishna Pandi

Produced by – Panchavarnam

Music by – Orasanna

Cinematography – M. Pugazhenthi

Edited by – D. Manoj