Gurkha Movie Review


Yogi Babu leads a significant role in the movie “Gurkha”. Yogi Babu’s previous film compressed with unconnected baseline, which merged with full fledged comedy sequences. In this film “Gurkha” had the same formula, even to blast out the hilarious, more actors have been stuffed, in the that list, Ananadraj, Livingston, Manobala and Charle are making the script interesting.


Opening, explains about Yogi Babu’s ancestors and his grandfather belongs to North India and his grandmother belongs to North Madras, which means Babu belongs to Gurkha family. But Babu’s intension to become as a policeman and wanted to protect his people.

Unfortunately, Babu was getting rejected from the police training, which his appearance and hairstyle doesn’t work out well. Finally, he joins in a security company, where he wanted to safeguard the people. Now Babu accepts the job and started to work along with a lazy dog.

Now, the lethargic guy and his dog placed in a mall, in the mall area a terrorist gang controls the whole people in their custody. Asking the policemen to give a huge amount of money. With the help a couple of security guards how the cops controlling the terrorist is the balance story


The film “Gurkha” was directed by Sam Anton, which he stuffed with tiresome screenplay, the film had unbelievable moves in the mall area, which Yogi Babu and Anandaraj compromising the script, Raj Aryan’s music which gives satisfactory quality, Krishnan Vasanth’s camera made the glorious frames.


Yogi Babu

Anand Raj


Raj Bharath


Elyssa Erhardt – American foreign ambassador


Directed by – Sam Anton

Produced by – Sam Anton

Screenplay by – Sam Anton

Music by – Raj Aryan

Cinematography – Krishnan Vasant

Edited by – Ruben

Production Company – 4 Monkeys Studios