Jiivi Movie Review:


An unveiling director V.J. Gopinath’s reasoning thinks made to anticipate more in the second half, which a couple of guys applies an intelligent frame to steal the wealth of the landowner, Saravanan (Vettri), who debuted in the 8 Thotakkal without any improvement that he comes in the raw appearance the direction and story grabs the attention of the audience.

In the opening, the guy Saravanan lives in Madurai and decided to survive in the place of Chennai, Saravanan always likes to read books and tune the best channels to update his knowledge. Unfortunately, he joins in a shop that he works as juice maker. In the same shop, Mani (Karunakaran), who is a tea master. Both Saravanan and Mani staying in Rohini’s house for a rent.

The guy understands about his house owner activities and decided to steel all the jewelry, with his tidings analysis that he escape from the cops and with cunning manner frames his mistakes on his neighborhood.

Anyhow, some of the incidents of his life and house owner’s life interconnected with each other and his every activity connects the past. Now, how the way Saravanan escapes from the every action is the rest of the story.

Vettri need to give betterment in the upcoming films, Karunakaran has been given best in his each frame, Babu Tamizh’s writing is a great plus point to the film. The director V.J. Gopinath distinct concept really works out well.


Overall, the film based with crime thriller, which making interesting movement in the second half.





Mime Gopi


Direction – VJ Gopinath

Production – M Vellapandian

Music – K S Sundaramurthy