Napte Thunai Movie Review:


“Napte Thunai” is a full fledged sports drama, the director Parthiban Desingu tried out with India’s national sport hockey. The energetic man Prabhakaran (Aadhi), who is a happy go guy and search for a job in the place of Puducherry, Prabhakaran’s intention is to move out of India and planned to settle in France.

Here are commercial aspects framed in the first half, in his place Prabhakaran falls in love with a girl Deepa, who is a hockey player. Both were falling in love with each other. In a situation, Prabhakaran and his lover both getting identity towards Shanmugam (Harish Uttaman), who is a hockey trainer.

Before independence a hockey ground was under French government and a great man who played hockey and get back the ground from the ruler. In this present situation, again the hockey ground move in the hand of politicians and the trainer Shanmugam and his team plays to get back the hockey playground.

In the second half the audience observed Prabhakaran natural hockey player, it has been exposed by the trainer. Finally, the energetic hockey player how the way he faces the issues follows towards him and Prabhakaran fought with the opponent and get back the hockey playground from the antagonist is the balance script.

Overall sports drama



Adhi – Prabakaran

Anagha – Deepa


RJ Vigneshkanth

Ajay Ghosh

Vinoth Kumar

Bijili Ramesh

Ashwin Jerome

Chutti Aravind


Directed by – D. Parthiban Desingu

Produced by – Sundar C.

Written by – Sreekanth Vasrp
Devesh Jeyachandran

Music by – Hip hop Tamizha

Cinematography – Aravinnd Singh

Edited by – Fenny Oliver