“Odu Raja Odu” Movie Review:




The title fetches out of common people scrambling for their endurance, the notable film “Joker” Guru Somasundaram actor has been projected in the prominent role and the lady artist Lakshmi Priya, Nassar, Ashika Salwan, Ravindra Vijay and Charu Haasan support the film.

The film “Odu Raja Odu” was directed by Nishanth and Jathin, keeps up with the lots of templates, which was the kidnapping sequels, gangster fightings, which was given a distorted for the screenplay.

Manohar Guru Somasundaram, who is a scriptwriter and he lives with his wife Meera Lakshmi Priya, both were getting with misunderstanding, crusade for a television set top box.

Manohar and his friend were pushed with critical situations and a former gangster Nassar’s was getting kidnapped by this handmaid’s son and by all these wrench the movie runs with exhilaration.

The movie stuffed with more characters and takes time for analysis the story, the caption of the characters made some expiation.

Strengthen of the film:
The artists have been exposed their portions in the compeer way.
Overall, the artists were running throughout the film.

Guru Somasundaram
Anand Swamy
Lakshmi Priyaa


Directed by – Nishanth Ravindran,
Jathin Shankar Raj
Producer – Vijay Moolan