Podhu Nalan Karudhi Movie Review:


The film “Podhu Nalan Karudhi” reveals about the middle-class people struck out with a money lender. The director Zion focused on two categories of people, one is an innocent lacking in specific resources and other form their own world, if the downtrodden people take time to provide the money, Uththiram gang tortures them.

The infuriated man Uththiram, had another face that he never shows sympathy for anyone, with him Napoleon (Santhosh Pratap), is an assists for a remorseless greedy man Uththiram (Yog Japee), that he takes money from the poor people, in that case the fellow hit everyone, kidnap the people and finally murder if doesn’t arrange the money properly.

On the other hand, Poovarasan (Karunakaran), who lost his brother about two years and he was compliant in the police station, but the cop was hiding the real situation of his brother and Poovarasan, who is a call taxi driver simultaneously tracks his brother.

The helpless man Poovarasan, who take care of his father, sister-in-law and niece. But Poovarasan get the rebukes from his father that he is not taking any steps to searching for his missed out brother. In this situation, Poovarasan and Anu both keeps affairs of each other.

Now the sincere guy Napoleon was killed with his headman and Uththiram was murdered by another financier man Babu. The director Zion deals out the scenario of Chennai city people’s struggling stratum was exposed in the title of “Podhu Nalan Karudhi’



Santhosh Prathap

Adith Arun


Anu Sithara



Yog Japee


Direction – Zion

Produced by – AVR Anbuvelrajan

Music by -Hariganesh. A

Cinematography – Suwaminathan