Raatchasi Movie Review:


Jyothika carries the film in her performance and with her character Geetha Rani was endured in the story. The flick speaks of the government school’s drawbacks. In a place of R Puthur the government school children’s scrambling was focused. Once Geetharani entered the school campus, she analysis about the behavior of children and the school base level was not proper, even the teachers were projected on screen as in a lethargic manner.

Jyothika plan to change everything, collect the fund from public to construct the school building, equip the teachers in a good way. The actress Jyothika comes with a head mistress character and that she was projected as a brave lady. The film is based on refining of a government school.


The film preaching of government schools uplifting, the flick project for 135 minutes and Jyothika has been holding it out by her performance. The debuted director Sy Gowtham Raj focused on an issue, which a government school should run in the proper facilities.


“Raatchasi” projects the relationship between an educator and the student, Geetharani promotes 9th failures to 10th class this was getting noticed by a jealous of private school owner and making this as an issue and by this consequence how the way Geetharani getting a solution is the balance story.

Jyothika takes the story with the supporting artists like Sathiyan, Poornima Bhagayaraj and other actors. The director blaming on government staff, next time private teachers struggling will he project as it was said in a shot? That the private teachers are working like the slavery.

Overall, finding fault.


Jyothika – Geetharani

Hareesh Peradi




Directed by – Sy Gowthamraj

Music by – Sean Roldan