U Turn Movie Review:




U Turn is a film, frames the life of a mother and the girl baby’s life leads to miserableness, but initially it has been projected as a thriller story that the serialized set of murders compressed with suspicion. The girl Rachana precedes the story in an interesting way.

The dazes lady Rachana works in a reputed newspaper, with an internship period as a reporter, the lady kept crushed on a guy who works in the same office and that he deals with crime articles and she seeks help to him for her explore stuff on accidents on the flyover.

Rachana takes the help of a roadside man and he observes the people who violate the rules and note down the vehicle number and communication with the reporter Rachana.

Suddenly, in such a case she was hung up with police custody and by her explanation and the post-mortem report concludes that the murder happens only by the suicide.

But, she observed each day some vehicle riders move the cement blocks that dividing the road just to take a quick U Turn and avoid the traffic.

Nayak involves in the interrogation by opposing his senior officer’s words and Rachana faces the consequence by a  horrified way.

Pawan Kumar’s direction, figures out the flick in a slightly odd or even and the progress are very snappy and meshing with tedium. Samantha was tremendous as the journalist.



Directed by – Pawan Kumar

Music by – Poorna Chandra Tejaswi

Cinematography – Niketh Bommireddy


Samantha Akkineni

Aadhi Pinisetty

Rahul Ravindran

Bhumika Chawla