Uriyadi 2 Movie Review:


The film “Uriyadi 2” baseline is all about the politics influence in each frame, the three young guys, who have completed their chemical engineering and looking forward for a good job. But the guys lose their hope by getting a job in the city.

The guys get a job in their hometown and they were understanding that the machines not in a good condition and if the machine gets to leak out, MIC gas might explore, which will affect the environment and made a great disaster.

The chemical industry owner, doesn’t show any interest to replace the machines. In the second half, the film goes into real tragedy, MIC gases blasts out and people’s in the village started loses their life.

By seeing all sad situations, the hero Vijay Kumar burst out of angry and try to stop the sorrow for the misfortunes of the people in his village.

In the present scenario, the politicians overlook the people and the film convey the awareness to change the politics. The hero Vijay Kumar had been given the seemly performance, the songs and the background effects were tremendously excellent, which gives the tempo towards the audience.


Overall, overlook of social issues in the society.


Vijay Kumar – Lenin Vijay



Shankar Thas



Directed by – Vjay Kumar

Produced by – Surya

Written by – Vijay Kumar

Music by – Govind Vasantha

Production Company – 2D Entertainment